About Us
Pengerang Integrated Services & Supply Online Hub (PISSOH) acts as an e-advertising portal site to serve customers, suppliers & Pengerang community as main integrated online hub. PISSOH encourage subscriber to post and advertise products and services with the easiest and convenient way. The platform interface is a very user-friendly and easy to use.
Operation Model
Key Market / Target Subscribers :
We welcome a wide variety of subscribers which includes below as our targeted subscribers:
  1. Machinery Renting
  2. Sundries Supplier
  3. Telco Industry
  4. IT Solution
  5. Stationery & Printing Servicing
  6. Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
  7. Misc. Services Provider
  8. Manpower Supply
  9. Trading House
  10. Construction Industry
  11. All kind of services
  12. Other advertise customers
Continuous Improvement
Currently, the subscriber databases are expanding quickly. Thanks to the supports from the development teams and the subscribers that provide us ideas on how to improve the site. With the enhancement being implemented constantly, this will definitely provide you the BEST & CONVENIENT hub for the Pengerang community.
Contact Us
Any further clarifications, mostly welcome to contact us via inquiry@pissoh.com.my
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